Takunda Mambo

PhD Student : Energy, Poverty and Development Group.

What is success without significance?

Takunda Mambo is from Zimbabwe but has been studying in South Africa since 2005. He has a deep interest in Africa's development.

He is currently a PhD student under the Energy, Poverty and Development group within the Energy Research Centre at UCT. His previous education and internships cover a range of areas pertaining to sustainable development including conservation.

Takunda's PhD research is looking into the application of Ecocash and Ecofarmer mobile phone services to assist small scale farmers in rural areas of Zimbabwe.

These mobile phone services are very similar to M-PESA and M-FARM which have been extremely successful in Kenya in the upliftment of rural and low income communities.

MPESA and Ecocash were both partly developed to provide mobile financial services to people without access to bank accounts.

Takunda's interest in working with Hex stems from the potential for using ICT to positively affect the livelihoods of many farmers by supplying them with information and connecting them to markets.