Hex Experiential Design

Experiential design (also known as experiential marketing) is a form of advertising that focuses entirely on enabling people to "experience" your brand.

The premise of experiential design is to create a close bond between people (or "customers") and the brand itself by immersing them in a memorable experience.

Think Inside The Box

Hex Experiential Design
Experiential design in action : utilising restaurant staff, innovative products and a mobile app.

The purpose of the Think Inside The Box experiential campaign was originally to encourage restaurant goers to discover what it means to be a Fairtrade certified wine.

Overview Of Benefits To Each Stakeholder

1. Consumers (Restaurant Patrons)

  • Can win a bottle of wine on-the-spot just by downloading the app and scanning the wine bottle barcode.
  • Can learn about what it means to be (that particular) Fairtrade SA certified wine farm.
  • Can experience a novel new technology, new & fun.

2. Fairtrade SA Certified Wine Farms

  • Consumers are made aware of Fairtrade wines, in a setting where they are receptive – i.e. not rushed.
  • Consumers are made aware that information on Fairtrade wines is deep. Impact studies show that knowledge of Fairtrade is very superficial.
  • Restaurants are given an incentive to start stocking a new wine, their wine.

3. Restaurant Staff & Management

  • Patrons can experience an interesting promotion that is unique to their restaurant (and a select few others).
  • No cost to the restaurant.
  • Restaurant gets promoted on Fresh or Vrot; elabel app; Nedbank app.

4. Fairtrade SA

  • Fairtrade SA wine farms are being actively promoted in an innovative, exciting way.
  • Consumers can then scan other wines in the restaurant and see a depth of difference.
  • Fulfilment of Fairtrade SA’s strategy to work directly with restaurants.

5. eLabel (The app)

  • Restaurant goers are made aware of eLabel.
  • Payment for each scan by the app.

All Stakeholders

  • Feedback / market research : We know who, where, what and when people are scanning
Hex Experiential Design
Innovative experiential design using a mobile app.

To find out more about Hex experiential design services please make contact via design@hex.ie.